Flexible Wall Tiles for your ideal home

Flexible Wall Tiles interior1

Flexible wall tiles is ideal for your home, because they are resistant to scratch, mechanical shock, thermal cycling and weather.

The space you live in is important to you. You need a pleasant, welcoming and convivial environment both at home and at work.

Simple combinations of shapes and colours through the use of flexible wall tiles can offer all that and make your space into what you need it to be: relaxed, sophisticated, stylish or funny.

Be it old or new, your house will be rejuvenated. You can have the benefit of a brick or stone high quality design by spending a considerable lower amount of money on flexible wall tiles.

This material raises the thermal resistance of construction elements, it is easy to mount on all surfaces and surface shapes or even at high altitudes, it’s highly resistant and it does not allow fire propagation.

By fitting these tiles onto your property, it will gain personality and will emanate a stylish vibe while being completely functional.

The quality of the tiles and of the special adhesive is unquestionable as they are fireproofed and offer a great thermal and sound insulation.

They can be used on all of the building’s walls or just partially, on the interior or the exterior, on either fences, chimneys, balconies, cellars, wine shops, living rooms, etc.

You are only limited by your imagination.

Flexible wall tiles are produced through a baking furnace technology using a mixture of natural stone, quartz grains and a binder.

The plates of different sizes and colours are covered with a sheet of paper tape on the face to ensure protection during the installation process.

These tiles are tough, matte, they leave the wall to breathe but are waterproof.

They are resistant to scratch, mechanical shock, thermal cycling and weather, all of which make your choice in finish a durable one.

If you’re looking for flexible wall tiles to create your ideal home, call 07891 495 720 today.

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