By far one of the most luxurious additions for any home would be a swimming pool, so it is important that it looks the part. Whether you want calming white or vibrant blue tiles for your place of relaxation, our Neo Tiling professionals will make it happen.

We can create any effect or finish you may want, regardless of whether your project is a refurbishment or a new build. For this type of project, you can choose from an extensive range of unglazed and glazed tiles, be it ceramic, glass or mosaic, slate or natural stone.

We provide deep cleaning and regrouping, replacement and repair of existing localized areas of tiles, application or repair of new or of existing coping finger-grip tails, complete retiling of wet leisure complexes – pools, pool room walls, floors and surrounds.

Whatever you wish may be, we can definitely make it happen. To get started on your swimming pool, give us a call today.

Marble is well suited for bathrooms but it is costly stone and may need refinishing after some time. But it is classy and can last for centuries. Glass tiles can be exquisite and modern and can have the best bathroom experience while taking a shower. Laminate and cork tiles may look classy with their appearance but they are costly materials and are susceptible to moisture. The tiles can come in different size and forms and some of the tiles can be installed by owners as they are click or clamp down varieties. But it is always best advised to go for professional swimming pool tiling as they will do it correctly and will provide after service in case of repairs.

You can use marble tiles for swimming pool tiling but it will be expensive but durable. Marble has the issue with water being a natural stone material, such as water absorbing qualities. This may be a deterrent with both marble and granite, but you won’t have any qualm choosing ceramic tiles for swimming pool as they will make perfect tiling for both walls and floor of the swimming pool with their water resistant quality and easy to clean characteristics.

Natural stone is another choice for swimming pool tiling as it is strong, polished and can make sturdy flooring without deteriorating. The deterring factors are the cost as natural stones are naturally costly. Their nature also demands they are sand finished and sealed properly so they don’t absorb water. Bathroom surface must offer an unbroken appearance so as to add aesthetics to the room. Natural stones though have almost all the advantages provided by porcelain can be a costly affair as it will occur maintenance costs. Another factor that works against them is their natural characteristic of being porous and thus absorbs water.