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Even though the concept of a domestic wet room is relatively new, the idea is gaining more and more ground in the mindset of homeowners. A wet room is basically a walk-in shower area that levels with the surrounding floor, having a slight slope to a drain fitted into the floor and the shower and faucets fixed onto one of the wet room’s walls.

This concept makes the showering area blend naturally in the bathroom while bringing a feeling of minimalism and spaciousness. While it brings the design and practicability to contemporary bathrooms, it is an ideal solution for unusual shaped bathrooms and small enclosed spaces. Compared to usual shower areas, wet rooms are easier to clean and they maintain a higher level of hygiene.

You shouldn’t leave your wet room installation in the hands of just anyone. Leave it in expert hands. Neo Tiling is looking forward to bringing an invigorating showering experience to your home.

When planning and installing your wet room we take into consideration all of the important requirements of such a space, such as: making the flooring stable and not flexible, making sure the flooring and the floor drainage are sloped correctly to ensure no pooling appears, ensuring effective water proofing in the process of tanking, ensuring a good ventilation of the space, protecting the surrounding rooms of water flooding.

Disregarding any of the above can easily attract undesired consequences, as water seepage is a major issue if the floor and walls aren’t tanked correctly. In very small rooms, wet rooms can mean having a wet floor and a space which constantly feels much colder.