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Neo Tiling’s professional contractors install underfloor heating systems that come to the rescue of homeowners from both an aesthetic and an economic perspective. Such a system can be used as the sole source of heating for a room. Being also cheap to run, it’s an excellent choice for a building extension that otherwise would require a new heating system.

It is the perfect solution for heating a full household just as much as it is for individual rooms, be it a kitchen or a bathroom. It can be used as a primary heat source or a secondary one, meant to solely keep your toes warm. It can be easily implemented by certified professionals on any type of projects: renovations or new-builds.


Warm-up undertile heaters reach their operating temperature within 20 minutes when installed on an insulated floor, allowing you to heat specific rooms at specific times with ease. They are also guaranteed for the lifetime of your floor.

We advise to always choose a leveling compound over your underfloor heating system to protect it during the floor fitting and/or during future floor repairs, if any will become necessary. The underfloor heating system is durable and reliable, given the wires aren’t damaged.

This system can be used under most if not all floor finishes, including wood, carpet, vinyl, laminate, stone and tile.