If you’re looking to open a new restaurant or bar or just overhaul the look of an existing one, make a notable first impression by using superior tiles and installation services.  You can get the latter from Neo Tiling, a capable tiling contractor, which has similar projects throughout London and its surroundings.

The perfect tiling material for a restaurant or bar has to be water and stain resistant, highly durable and very easily cleaned. Along with that, it also has to appeal to clients, who are becoming more and more demanding about a venue’s décor, both interior and exterior.

Ceramic tiling proves to be an exceptional material, as it encompasses all of these qualities, highly recommended for the high traffic areas in a restaurant. These are produced in industrial ovens, at very high temperatures, from clay and sediments, making them extremely durable and hard.

Then, they are coated with a substance which fills their pores, making them water and stain resistant. On top of protecting the tiles, the coating also acts as a blank canvas, the tile manufacturers being able to print anything they want on them.

Another popular choice for bars and restaurants is natural stone flooring, but try to avoid the polished ones, as they can be very slippery when wet. Granite and slate have a higher density, which makes them more resistant to stains.

Neo Tiling has the experience and knowledge to get the job done, regardless of how complex the project may seem. No matter what tiling requirements you have, we can deliver any practical solution.

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