Who said tiling was just for indoor spaces? You can also tile outdoors and beautify your doorstep, porches and patios.

However, external tiling doesn’t stop at pavements. Tiled exterior walls are known to make a powerful first impression. A well-executed exterior tiling can definitely finish off a garden or patio, welcome guests to a home or beckon customers to a business. The best choice for exterior walls would be a easy to maintain, durable material with low porosity.

For this purpose, our professionals at Neo Tiling can help you create an area you will be proud of by adding beautiful external tiles.

Your outdoor space will be both functional and attractive with the addition of durable and low maintenance tiles that come in a multitude of sizes and shades. We will make sure your choice meets the slip resistance requirements suited for exterior use. If you need further clarification, speak to one of our representatives.

Whether you are admiring the scenery in springtime, having delicious barbecues with your friends in the summer, shooting fireworks in autumn or playing with snow in the winter, you will forge many memories in your outdoor space.