flexible tiles3

The space we live in is important to us. At home or at the office, we need a pleasant, welcoming, atmosphere to help us relax, and this can be easily achieved with  simple combinations of colors and shapes. So, if that’s what you are looking for, we have the perfect solution for you: Flexible Wall Tiles.

Flexible Wall Tile is a  mixture of natural granules in an acrylic dispersion, obtained through baking. The sheet’s thickness is about 3- 4  millimeters. These Wall Tiles can be successfully used for finishing interior and exterior protections for buildings such as houses,  blocks,  market houses, hotels, guesthouses and restaurants, conference rooms, shops,  showcases,  bars, public areas,  fireplaces,  chimneys, balconies,  parapets, sockets, basements and terraces.

Unlike the classical stone, Flexible Wall Tiles can be easily fitted on curved surfaces or edges without needing special shapes. These tiles can be mounted at any height due to their low weight.  They are available in a wide range of colours and their prices are much lower compared to traditional materials. Besides these, our company adds other features such as special appearance, repeatability and durability of color.

We also offer a guarantee for the materials and workmanship. The quality of the flexible wall tiles and the special adhesive is unquestionable, and all our products are fireproof. Besides the fact that these wall tiles offer  a special image to your construction (even an old house after plating will look like new), they also provide thermal insulation and a great sound. Houses can be completely or partially plated on the inside or outside, on the fences, the fireplaces, the chimneys, balconies, and so on.
The most important advantage of Flexible Wall Tiles is the fact that the product is ecological, non-toxic and waterproof. It protects the surface on which it is mounted, and at the same time, allows it to breathe. These flexible wall tiles increase the thermal resistance of the construction elements and reduce temperature loss, as well as prevent the propagation of potential fires.

The fitting is easily made on any type of surface using any adhesive for ceramic tiles. Due to its low weight, flexible wall tiles can be mounted on insulation systems (eg polystyrene) and are highly resistant to physical and environmental factors (scratches, freeze-thaw, etc). As for maintenance, wall tiles can be easily cleaned using water jets and a soft brush.

People use Neo Tiling’s products  for their quality and competitive pricing. These, as well as a variety of shapes, colors, and promptness of response to the needs of our customers recommend us as a reliable partner. The range of products has been designed to meet the needs of any client offering ornamental solutions, easy to apply, economic, with minimal losses, but also original and varied. We know that resistance and reliability is what your looking for, thus we make sure our products are up to standard.

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