Ecological flexible wall tiles

ecological flexible wall tiles

If you’re looking for ecological flexible wall tiles, then we can certainly provide you with the best. At Neo Tiling London, we offer high quality materials in a variety of shapes and colours meant to answer to your architectural needs.

Our products are highly resistant in both quality and colour. They provide additional protection to fitted construction elements and ensure a reduction in the temperature variation of your indoor space.

Flexible wall tiles are a mixture of natural grains in an acrylic dispersion which were baked in a special oven. The tiles have random variable sizes that faithfully relay a stone appearance.

The low weight of the products makes them suitable for being fitted at any given altitude, and their high malleability makes them perfect to be placed on edges and even curved surfaces.

They have a thickness of 3-4mm and can be successfully used for interior and exterior finishes or protection on buildings of different use, such as: houses, hotels, cellars or any other mineral-based surface.

Our ecological flexible wall tiles are also non-toxic and fireproof. After the drying of the adhesive, the surface shows excellent resistance to abrasion, surface scratching and is washable under a water jet.

The drying time is of a maximum of 24 hours and the surface is washable after 5 days since the montage.

We offer warranty for both the purchased products and the workmanship if you choose to have our team do the fitting. Our trained professionals will make sure to respect all the procedures so that you can enjoy your stylish wall finish for a long time to come. For more details, give us a call .

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